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Regular Lessons can improve your skills at a very impressive rate.

Dom recommends online or in person lessons to be accompanied by students sending in videos of playing so students gain experience in recording pressures and self-reflection which is key to improving. Also, Dom can provide feedback on the videos sent in or can discuss the video in lesson to save time and focus on other things. Videos can be sent in via WhatsApp or YouTube links. 


"Dom has completed an outstanding placement.  His musical understanding is excellent and he is equally comfortable working with students on advanced classical repertoire, beginner tutor books or contemporary styles, including improvisation.  The feedback he gives to students is detailed, insightful and relevant, identifying the important learning that needs to occur at that stage of the student’s progress.  He regularly incorporates the learning of music fundamentals (theory, note reading, harmonic analysis, etc) in ways that are appropriate to the student and relevant to the works being studied.  Dom is patient and allows students the time they need to work something out, while also providing sufficient scaffolding when needed.  He always challenges students and pushes them to do that little bit more than they thought they were capable of doing."

- Simon (A distinguished piano teacher from a Grammar school in Melbourne)

Current Investment Rate: $80 per hour

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Online Lesson Requirements and Tips HERE

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