I don't know how to express how I feel, but, I shall try here. I have taken quite a fair bit of time off now and have enjoyed every minute of it. As of right now, I am feeling more motivated than ever and most energised ready to take on 2021. There are so many plans, so many ideas, so many thoughts as of what to do. It is a little overwhelming, sure. But, as long as I keep being proactive, this year will be THE year.

Most of you know, 2021 will be my 8th and final year at University (fingers crossed). I have some teaching placements in schools to complete - observing experienced teachers and bouncing ideas off them in relation to student learning. I have a full teaching schedule during the week and am taking no more students at this stage in the studio. I have a couple spots willing to open for online students, however.

Twitch streaming has been amazing to come back to. I have missed my community and entertaining every single person there. I am really lucky and fortunate to have such a supportive and positive group of people there to help me on my journey. Alongside the above University studies and teaching this year, I have decided to give my best and give all myself up to developing my online content creation. It is a little scary, I must admit. Part of me just wants to go into full time teaching (secure a job, secure wage etc.) so that I can soon afford myself my very own house and bigger studio. But, part of me has faith that maybe this online content creation can bring about something bigger than myself. Help people, motivate people, inspire and entertain those who need uplifting. I have already received many messages in relation to these.

So, the plan is this: - Release the best original music that I possibly can. As much as I can. As often as I can.

- Continue Twitch streaming in hopes of maybe making Partner status this year.

- Continue teaching at a high level, allowing students to receive the best results possible.

- Produce weekly vlogs (because videography is my hobby this year).

That seems like a lot. We shall see how we go through the year, but, with your help (if you are reading this), I know we can do it.

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